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“Leaders Create Leaders” is a new social project launched by Leaders Create Leaders to strengthen the connection among the LCL members.  Throuhout the last 3 years, LCL has created a community with more than 300 members. LCL members has diverse roles in their companies and work in different expertises such as Education, Business, Finance, Banking, Technology, etc...  


We create this platform with hope that it  enables conversations among members in case you need to reach out professionals in the fields or need a coaching session to work things out through ambiguity and gain a new perspective to solve a particular challenge.


1:1 coaching session

05.08.2021 - 30.09.2021

Provide 1:1 coaching sessions to help and support at least 100 business leaders and executives in Vietnam to gain more clarity amidst this Covid crisis


25.08.2021 - 26.08.2021

Deliver panel discussions for business leaders to share and grow from experiences & advices from our valued panellists

donation to

03.08.2021 - 30.09.2021

Make donation to charity. 
We believe caring is sharing.  Let’s also help out the less fortunate. It will go a long way for them. Join us to “SHARE A COACH,GIVE A HAND”!



12E95CF6-A736-4D05-94A4-BB2726A708B5 - Tiffany Pham.jpeg

Tiffany Pham

Chief Human Resources Officer

@DB Schenker

Coaching Topics:

Career, Life,

Personal Branding, Parenting

​Language: Vietnamese & English

12716ad0bc0d4e53171c - Annie Dang.jpg

Anh Dang

Chief Executive Officer

@Columbus Investment Consultant

Coaching Topics:

Self-awareness, Personal Development

​Language: Vietnamese & English

IMG_8809 - Sinh Nguyen.JPG

Sinh Nguyen

Senior Analyst


Coaching Topics:

Health-related & Self-exploration

Beliefs, life purpose exploration

​Language: Vietnamese & English


Chi Tran

Co-Founder, Managing Director

@Sustainable Development Shrink

Coaching Topics:

​Life Coach & Health Coach

​Language: Vietnamese & English

75E96EAB-3C54-4D7E-951C-E35C26CCA694 - NGOC LIEN HOA Le.jpeg

Hoa Le

Chief Finance Officer

@Hafele Vietnam

Coaching Topics:

Leadership & Management

​Language: Vietnamese & English


Huong Nguyen

Chief Connection Officer

@Leaders Create Leaders

Coaching Topics:


using emotional intelligence

​Language: Vietnamese & English

Victor LCL - Victor Vladovich.jpg

Victor Vladovich

Network Marketing Leader

@Siberian Wellness

Coaching Topics:

Well-being, Mindful eating,

Leadership, Relationship

​Language: English

IMG_9704 - Lâm Nguyễn Thanh.jpg

Lam Nguyen

Certified Action Learning Coach


Coaching Topics:

Self-awareness, Personal Development

​Language: Vietnamese & English

Ryan Profile 2 - Ryan Leonhard.jpg

Ryan Leonhard

Executive Director

@Canadian Chamber of Commerce

Coaching Topics:

Business, professional, personal

​lives & perspectives

​Language: English


Linh Truong

Freelance Life Coach

​Action Learning Practicioner

Coaching Topics:

Inner Conflict Management

​Life Balance

​Language: Vietnamese

IMG_5413 - Van Anh Ha.JPG

Anh Ha

Grade Leader 


Coaching Topics:

Time management, self-motivation,

resilience, team coaching

​Language: Vietnamese & English

chị Loan - Chi Huỳnh.jpg

Loan Vo

 Associate Certified Coach

by ICF

Coaching Topics:

Career & Leadership Management

​Language: Vietnamese & English


A crisis reveals a true leader.  As the covid-19 pandemic moves into year two, would you say that, overall, you are thriving as a leader, barely surviving or hanging in there with your team, or feeling worn down or worn out in some days? Is thriving even possible in the midst of this period of adversity, when life has been so disrupted by a persistent and mighty virus, as we experience loss, uncertainty, and ambiguity?


Leaders Create Leaders believe we can thrive, especially when we do so together. Leaders who will look back when the pandemic is finally over and feel they did more than just make it through will grow beyond their own comfort zone and bring their game to the next level.


Join our LCL panel discussion on THRIVE with some of our members to explore how you can leverage on challenges and turn them into opportunities for growth.  Survival and thrive are both a choice.  Choose well. 

Untitled design-3_edited.jpg

Date: 25.08.2021

Time: 7PM - 8.30PM

Platform: Grow Arena

Language: English

Nội lực là chìa khóa cốt lõi trong cuộc sống của chúng ta. Mỗi ngày, thông qua việc xác định bản thân bạn muốn gì, cần làm những gì để đạt đến mục tiêu đó và thông qua việc duy trì sự tập trung, bạn sẽ quyết định được cách sử dụng nội lực. - Oprah Winfrey, Tạp chí Oprah. Người cần sự củng cố động lực từ bên ngoài luôn phụ thuộc vào sự tán thành hoặc khen thưởng từ người khác. Điều này sẽ làm suy giảm mức độ tự tin về năng lực bản thân.


Nuôi dưỡng nội lực giúp bạn phát triển và sử dụng các yếu tố thúc đẩy bền vững, lâu dài, cho bạn sức mạnh đứng lên để thách thức hiện trạng, chấp nhận rủi ro và tiếp tục bền bỉ khi mọi thứ không như mong muốn. Và khi nội lực bản thân được nuôi dưỡng cũng chính là lúc bạn truyền cảm hứng cho người khác tập trung vào nội lực của chính họ. 

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