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An organization rises or falls on its leadership. Thus there has been a strong emphasis and expectation on the Leader of the Pack to be the smartest person in the room. The leader always leads the pack, and is the hero to save the day. Nothing can be further from the truth.​

True leadership is about influence through empowering, entrusting and envisioning. Great leaders tap into the unseen potential of team members and create a vision bigger than themselves.​

To achieve this, leaders relentlessly grow ourselves so we can grow others. And we start from where we are right now.

​Join us in this work culture movement of shifting from I to We; from position to action.

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Our relationship then was developed where Warren is my personal coach for about one year. His positive and motivate spirit, can do attitude really helps me a lot through our one on one discussion and coaching session

Hung Tran, Pfizer Vietnam




Warren is from Singapore and has been based in Vietnam for 15 years. He held various leadership positions in international and local corporations; facilitating and coaching both local SMEs and MNCs throughout Asia.


His passion is to serve corporate clients to discover and clarify their needs, challenges and purpose. He brings alignment to teams and creates an inspiring future through coaching, workshops and off-site events. Warren believes in transformation, and enjoys the A-ha moments when that happens.

Warren has been through toxic corporate culture whereby staff lives in fear and evades responsibilities. He has also experienced empowering corporate culture where staff embraces innovation, steps up to challenges and brings forward their best versions.

He understands the power of culture and is ready to co-create a great one with you. He knows he cannot achieve this vision alone. Thus he is sharing all his insights and materials through the Leaders Create Leaders Program to equip more leaders with the right skills, mindsets and tools. They can then bring these back to their companies to train and develop more leaders.

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Our 3-Day Leadership & Coaching workshop is designed specially for coaches, managers, directors and business entrepreneurs.

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Leaders Create Leaders' experienced and dedicated team of trainer will tailor the workshop to your specific requirements and expectations. 

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 Several 1-to-1 sessions to give you the tools and techniques to achieve a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. You will become well-versed at handling issues whenever and wherever they arise. 


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Who We Are 

We are a community of powerhouse leaders with a passion to challenge, stretch and grow other leaders.

Our Purpose

To foster a change in work culture so that we all grow  beyond our comfort zone and reach our fullest potentials.

Where We Go

A global leadership hub that equips and transforms leaders to create a movement for positive work culture. ​


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​Innovate your leadership with LCL!

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