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Who We Are 

We are a community of powerhouse leaders with a passion for challenging, stretching, and growing other leaders.

​Our Mission

We equip industry leaders with the toolset, mindset, and skillset to grow, transform themselves and influence others to reach their desired future.

Our Vision

A global leadership hub that fosters a movement for a positive work culture where we can grow beyond our comfort zone and extend our fullest potentials.


Get to know our people


 CEO and Founder


Warren is from Singapore and has been based in Vietnam for 15 years. He held various leadership positions in international and local corporations, facilitating and coaching local SMEs and MNCs throughout Asia.

His passion is to serve corporate clients to discover and clarify their needs, challenges, and purpose. He brings alignment to teams and creates an inspiring future through coaching, workshops, and off-site events. Warren believes in transformation and enjoys the A-ha moments when that happens.

Warren has been through toxic corporate culture whereby staff lives in fear and evades responsibilities. He has also experienced empowering corporate culture where the team embraces innovation, steps up to challenges, and brings forward their best versions.

He understands the power of culture and is ready to co-create a great one with you. He knows he cannot achieve this vision alone. Thus, he shares all his insights and materials through the Leaders Create Leaders Program to equip more leaders with the right skills, mindsets, and tools. They can then bring these back to their companies to train and develop more leaders.


Business Development Manager


Ms. Hoai has more than 8 years of working experience in multinational corporations not only in Vietnam but also in Malaysia and New Zealand. She has been in different roles as Research Analyst, Business/Solutions Consultant, Business Development, and Assistant Manager.

Since early 2020, She has been taking the role of a Business Development and Account Manager as well as leading the team to implement the strategy of the company and expand the market. Due to her international background and exposure to customer interfacing roles providing seamless services, She has developed strong competencies in undertaking and managing clients’ expectations. Her performance has been recognized by the significant revenue of the company and the feedback from satisfied clients using the services.

She also finds herself passionate about Education and Personal Development. Hence, apart from her main job, she has been involved in many social activities to raise awareness and develop young professional employees. This is one of the reasons she decided to join Leaders to Leaders to see more value and add more value to our community for a better world. In her spare time, she loves reading books, trekking, riding a bicycle, and spending quality time with family and friends.


Business Development Manager


She believes that any human being can go beyond their limits if they have a 'good' environment to grow. After over 7 years of experience, she came to the conclusion that a secure workplace is essential to a successful business because it gives employees the confidence to contribute and reach their potential.

As the CEM of Leaders Create Leaders, she sees and believes in the value LCL brings out to customers, which is also her great motivation to accompany the LCL team to spread the positive values to as many leaders as possible and create a new movement in work culture.

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