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"As a coach, he always supports you to find the right solution yourself and advice for what you need. And as a boss, he always knows how to push you go far and beyond by believing in you and empowering you."

Janice Phung
Business Director at American Learning Lab


"LCL’s approach and insights created several aha moments adapted to the diverse audience had the right mix of give and take to take this team to the next level. I highly recommend Warren and LCL. Phenomenal."

Betsy Sweat
Vice President Asia Pacific Janus et CIE

John Vunng.png

"Dynamic personality. Unlimited energy. Going against all odds. Great person to collaborate with."

Dr. John Vung
Resident Advisor, United Nations


"I highly recommend Leaders Create Leaders for any corporate training sections as they actually create the value for people & organization."

Kha Ly



“We had the pleasure of working with Warren and LCL in a leadership training at Fuji Xerox Vietnam and he is truly an inspiring and charismatic trainer.”

Lan Luu
Learning & Development/ CSR Manager at Fuji Xerox

Sean T Ngo.jpg

"My coach's optimism, enthusiasm, entrepreneurial spirit, and can-do attitude is invaluable to members of organizations who wish to be successful in an emerging market like Vietnam!"

Sean T Ngo
CEO at VF Franchise Consulting

hang thuy.png

"Leaders don't create followers, they create more leaders."... During 01 day workshop in our company, this insight had touched deeply all participants thanks to great facilitation skills from our LCL coach.”

Hang Thuy
Operations Process Manager at Decathlon

raj Dass.jpg

"Warren demonstrated his ability as a great communicator and facilitator to get the best out of his team members. His personal drive and motivation to be successful enthuses his members to be equally passionate and this contribution has resulted in great success over the years in our organization. Warren has mentored, coached and demonstrated great leadership abilities and his influence, support and achievements will be greatly missed in the future. I wish Warren continued success in his next challenge!"

Raj Dass
Principal Lecturer at University of Greenwich

benoit Rabozzi.jpg

"I had the chance to participate to the Inspirational Leadership training on 30 and 31 May 2018. It helped me pause and look with more distance to my everyday routine. Plus I enjoyed these moments of meeting and sharing. Warren has a natural talent to get a group to work and progress together.”

Benoit Rabozzi
Electronic Development Manager at East West Industries Vietnam

yi yang Kuek.jpg

"LCL's training prompts critical thinking and has given me a clearer understanding of our sub-conscious actions that could affect our quality of being great leaders. Identifying the 6 human needs, purpose statements and speed coaching was the few highlights of the training that I have found beneficial. My coach is very engaging and I recommend this training to those who desire to be a greater leader."

Yi Yang Kuek
Marketing and Quality Assurance executive at Poly-Poxy Coating

Tuyen Vo Le Ngoc.jpg

"I have attended 2 workshops delivered by Warren, and I was very much impressed by his facilitation skills, being full of energy and taking audience with him."

Tuyen Vo Le Ngoc
Learning & Development Manager- Roche Pharma

Huy Nguyen.jpg

"My definition about presentation was defined when I received the sharing and discussion from LCL. I honestly appreciate these valuable skills, knowledge, techniques,…etc, my trainer delivered to my team. It is really perfect when I am able to understand more beautiful things about presentations and how it can change me now. Thank you Warren Eng and LCL!"

Huy Nguyen
Tax Manager at Grant Thorton

Hung Tran.jpg

“Our relationship then was developed where Warren is my personal coach for about one year. His positive and motivate spirit, can do attitude really helps me a lot through our one on one discussion and coaching session.”

Hung Tran
Finance Director at Pfizer Vietnam

Luan La.jpg

“Passionate trainer, facilitator and speaker with inspiring techniques that engages participants and helps people unleash their potential.”

Luan La
Senior Learning and Organization Development Manager at ILA Vietnam

Thao  Nguyen.jpg

"An inspiring leader and soft-skill trainer’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Warren Eng.” I am impressed by Warren’s ability to transform people’s mindset by adopting out-of-the-box and down-to-earth training method"

Thao (Vivian) Nguyen
Training Department - Novaland Group

Brian O'Reilly.jpg

"Warren is a very dynamic and proactive person who leads by example. He is very passionate about his work and has lots of enthusiasm and drive. Warren has excellent people skills and is a hardworking and charismatic leader. He had a great ability to inspire his members and help them become more motivated."

Brian O’ Reilly
Director at The Australian Chamber of Commerce Vietnam (AusCham)

Myco Doan-Tran.jpg

“My team and I were totally engaged and inspired when we received a session focused on customer service. I would pay anything to sit in on one of LCL’s training sessions again.”

Myco Doan-Tran
Head of Admissions, Cumnor House School, Cognita, London

LCL December 23-12-2018 (36)_edited.jpg

“I feel autonomy support, satisfied with each session delivered by LCL coach, and most importantly, a strong focus on my goals. These skills often take years to develop.”

Hang Nguyen
Country Manager Hello Bacsi - A member of Hello Health Group

Ha Vu.jpg

“Great trainer and very interactive. The course was very meaningful, interesting and thorough, especially using both English and Vietnamese language.”

Ha Vu
Head(Hanoi Branch), BPS & HR Service at Harvey Nash Vietnam

Jamie Lippman.jpg

"The training was dynamic and influential, and as a result, the team really absorbed the lessons and are more confident in their communication."

Jamie Lippman 
JCPenny Director

Vickie Helson.jpg

"My coach has rare blend of charisma, gravitas, integrity and humour. His enthusiasm is infectious. In particular, I recommend the Leaders Create Leaders certification program, brainchild of Warren Eng. It's a brilliant program to help professionals understand their potential as coaches, and to develop the skills and knowledge to be the best coach possible."

Vickie Helson 
Head of Accelerator at Australia Post

Ryan Leonhard.jpeg

“Leaders Create Leaders (LCL) has brought together a group of very different people of very diverse backgrounds that naturally evolved into a closely-knit, supportive, and egalitarian community through the shared experience of the LCL program.”

Ryan Leonhard

Marketing Director at Canadian Chamber of Commerce Vietnam

Hai Kang Tan.jpeg

“I attended LCL workshop. My group had a diverse mix of individuals in various phases of their leadership journey. The workshop provided valuable insights from other participants and also the opportunity to self reflect on my own journey thus far.”

Hai Kang Tan
Regional Manager for Enterprise Risk, Operations and Finance Domains, Asia Pacific at Murex


“LCL has a wonderful facilitator who is able to share valuable experiences and practical knowledge to participants. Taking on some of his soft skills courses, I am always fascinated by his endless possibility of inspiration.”

​​Tina Pham

Senior Manager at PwC Vietnam


"The coach conducted interesting and applicable 2 day inspirational leadership for our team. His knowledge of Coaching and Mentoring, Management and Leadership is profound enough to surpass all challenging questions with the answer/solution from our high-demanding participants. He is very eloquent and makes the training interactive and lively. We are very satisfied with his facilitation."

Thao Le
Senior HR Manager at Ampere Computing Vietnam

viber image 2019-03-28 , 13.28.12.jpg

"My coach was able to deliver exact and precise messages and objective for our workshop, and knowing Vietnamese resonates well with the participants and keeping us very engaged all the time. His ability to facilitate and experience in knowing the correct timing to allow a discussion and the correct timing to intercept works very well in our workshop. Coach was able to comprehend the overall objective of the workshop very well and effectively design an agenda that was fit for purpose. I would definitely recommend LCL in a blink of and eye."

Gary Chee

BU Director at F Hoffmann-La Roche Vietnam


"I have just finished my training with LCL, and I was impress by my coach's remarkable capacity to ask the right questions and to bring the best into others. The essential ACC method he preaches and the techniques he taught us are most useful to upcoming leaders and coaches."

Patrick Gaveau
Founder/Owner and CEO at Innovo JSC


I attended LCL 3-day course and was very impressed about the results of only 3 days. I personally liked my coach's calm coaching style and I was surprised about his ability to awaken inner power of people. Great experience. I recommend anyone to try coaching with LCL.

Oscar Lopez Alegre 
Director of product and engineering of Navigos group


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